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『 h i d d e n c o s t

2021.6.4 RELEASE


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l i l j a Hideo Oceans Artwork.jpg

New EP「 c a v e 」

by Ian Urbina, Rasmus Faber,Sayuri Hayashi Egnell 

New EP「 h i d d e n c o s t 」

by Ian Urbina, Rasmus Faber, Hideo Kobayashi, Sayuri Hayashi Egnell 

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イアンの世界的ベストセラー本である“The Outlow Ocean(海の「無法地帯」をゆく)”を音楽で解釈するプロジェクト。



この作品をきっかけに、イグネル小百合とラスマス・フェイバーによる、”l I l j a”(リリヤ)というアーティストプロジェクトが誕生。



l i l j a strives to be an endeavor committed to experimental work and discovering the distinctive possibilities of sound through unique combinations and partnerships, which is why The Outlaw Ocean Music Project was so exciting for us. This was an era during which we realized each and every one of us is connected, even though we live different lives. 

Music and sounds have no boundaries, and can be timeless. We all come from different backgrounds, and thus will experience different things when we hear something. We want people to feel they can go back and forth between memories and time through the boundaries between the world and music. It’s those individual thoughts and feelings that are so integral to the listening experience and that we want to reflect in our work. We hope our listeners can experience a special and innovative forum through our work.


About l i l j a

l i l j a is a brand-new collaboration project between the Swedish composer and producer Rasmus Faber and Swedish-based Japanese composer and sound artist Sayuri Hayashi Egnell.

Rasmus has a successful career as a house and electronic music producer and DJ, releasing on labels like Defected and King Street and collaborating with artists such as Kaskade, Candi Staton and Deadmau5. His career has expanded further in Japan as a composer and producer of music for anime, TV and film projects, and also as band leader, composer and producer for the band Platina Jazz. 

Sayuri also has a well-established career as a composer/sound artist. In 2014, her music for the Urban Soundscape Competition was given the gold award, and was exhibited at Sapporo Intl Art Festival in Japan. She also created music for the Nobel Prize 2014-16, displayed at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. She creates and produces performing arts and art installation work frequently in Japan, and exhibits at events like Biwako Biennale. She also composes music for Japanese movies, TV and for other clients.

 It was during a search for a traditional Japanese instrument in Sweden – called a sanshin – that Rasmus’ path crossed with Sayuri. Both Rasmus and Sayuri realized they have a lot in common musically, and would like to explore this further. The first l i l j a release is to be an EP entitled “Cave,” which is part of The Outlaw Ocean Music Project created by New York Times journalist Ian Urbina.

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